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A most loving choice…adoption

Welcome to Adoption Consultants Inc.’s blog!  Given this is our very first blog post, I thought it appropriate that its content focus on why…why has Adoption Consultants Inc. decided to create and start a blog?  The answer is simple!

On a day-to-day basis I find myself explaining the adoption process to birth mothers interested in a possible placement of their child for adoption, as well as prospective adoptive parents interested in adopting a child.  Because there is so much information to disseminate to those interested and eager to learn, I felt starting a blog would be helpful in this process!  In this journey I will be sharing the knowledge I have gathered in over 25 years of working in the adoption field (since 1989), my personal experiences in adoption, as well as helpful insights and resources.  

Additionally, my intent is to share content through this blog that will be useful, educational and inspirational to not only those currently in the mist of trying to maneuver through the maze that is adoption, but also to those who are considering and interested in possibly pursuing an adoption (in placing a child for adoption or in adopting a child), as well as to birth parents who may have previously placed a child for adoption and adoptive parents who have already adopted.  This blog also provides a perfect mechanism to share information which parents (and parents-to-be in the future) may also find helpful, regardless of whether their children may be biological and/or adopted.

It goes without saying, at its very core the basis and foundation of this blog is all about the children…the love and concern for our littlest ones and wanting only the best for each and every child, whether born or yet to be born.   If the information I am able to share through this blog can be useful and helpful to birth mothers, parents, and parents-to-be, and therefore ultimately benefit a child, then my goal in starting this blog will be truly fulfilled!

With the above being said, it is my sincerest hope that those who visit this blog will find it to be interesting, insightful, thought-provoking, inspiring and helpful!

So welcome!


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