Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

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Discovering you are pregnant may not always come as a welcome surprise, especially if you were not planning or trying to become pregnant.  Such news, instead, may be met with a sense of uncertainty, panic and fear, rather than happiness and excitement.  This is certainly understandable should you be experiencing feelings of not yet being ready to parent at this time in your life, or should you be feeling unable to take on the role of parenting (or parenting another child), or if, perhaps, parenting may not be a role you had foreseen for yourself or had even hoped for.

Welcome to ACI’s New Blog!

A most loving choice…adoption

Welcome to Adoption Consultants Inc.’s blog!  Given this is our very first blog post, I thought it appropriate that its content focus on why…why has Adoption Consultants Inc. decided to create and start a blog?  The answer is simple!

On a day-to-day basis I find myself explaining the adoption process to birth mothers interested in a possible placement of their child for adoption, as well as prospective adoptive parents interested in adopting a child.  Because there is so much information to disseminate to those interested and eager to learn, I felt starting a blog would be helpful in this process!  In this journey I will be sharing the knowledge I have gathered in over 25 years of working in the adoption field (since 1989), my personal experiences in adoption, as well as helpful insights and resources.   (more…)